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René Metz

It all started in 1952 when master pastry chef René Metz began to produce chocolate and set up his own business in his hometown of Epfig, backed with the support of his dedicated wife. Highly successful from the beginning, he soon extended the initial production capacity by expanding the factory on the original company site.

Specializing in the production of high quality chocolate moulded shapes, the young enterprise quickly gained a solid reputation in France and started to export across Europe.

Hélène Metz

In 1985, after the founder René Metz retired, his three children inherited the chocolate confectionery and together carried on the family business.


When in 1990 the company management decided to relocate their activities, they constructed a brand new production facility at the edge of the city. During this transition, the decision was made to update the production process as well. This included the adoption of new assembly lines and state-of-the-art machinery, together with the construction of an extensive 5,000 pallet storage location.